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Here is your 1 search result for Tours, Attractions & Activities in Athurugiriya, Sri Lanka

Angampora - Ancient Martial Art Half-Day Tour from Colombo

Angampora - Ancient Martial Art Half-Day Tour from Colombo - Western Province, Sri Lanka

Duration: 50 minutes
Location: Western Province, Sri Lanka

From USD

This tour gives you the chance to see and experience the ancient Sri Lankan martial artform of Angampora in person. Watch demonstrations of the various high-level techniques of Angampora ... More info ›

This tour gives you the chance to see and experience the ancient Sri Lankan martial artform of Angampora in person. Watch demonstrations of the various high-level techniques of Angampora. View knife fights, gang fights, the art of swords, and much more. Learn some basic Angampora techniques from professionals, if you are interested. This is a wonderfully fun tour for those who are interested in martial and history, or have a great sense of adventure.

SKU: LK60011400

You will be starting your Angampora tour at 8:30 am from your hotel in Colombo. Your chauffeur will be picking you up and driving you to the Angampora Training Centre in Athurugiriya. You will get there by 10:00 am.

Angampora is an ancient martial artform practiced in Sri Lanka for millennia. According to folklore, the history of this martial arts stretches back to almost 30,000 years. Ancient scripts mention that it was born from the efforts of nine hermits; and the most famous expert of this art is believed to be Rana Ravana, a mythical warrior said to have lived 5,000 years ago. Either way, it indeed fact that it was used in wars for almost two millennia as confirmed by historic evidence presented in carvings from various ancient temples such as the Embekke Devalaya, The temple of the Tooth, etc; and many historic scripts. It was also extremely feared by the British during their invasion; to the extent that they prohibited the artform, burnt all practice huts that they found, and shot the kneecaps of practitioners to maim them.

The combat techniques of Angampora include grappling, striking, and most especially pressure point attacks that can cause pain or even permanent paralysis. It incorporates hand-to-hand fighting with various weaponry; such as knives, swords, staves, maces and more. There are also self-defense techniques, sport, exercise and meditation techniques which can be learned. It is believed that there was also a some secretive Angampora techniques that used incantations and spells for attack.

You will be viewing demonstrations of this legendary martial artform at the training centre. They will take place for a total of approximately 45 minutes, and include the following:
• Angampora rituals
• War Drum techniques
• Unique Angampora exercises
• Conditioning exercises
• Hand-to-hand fighting techniques
• Grips and locks unique to the artform
• Bare handed duel
• Weapon use techniques – Battle axes
• Weapon use techniques – Daggers
• Weapon use techniques – Staves
• Weapon use techniques – Swords
• Weapon use techniques – Maces
• Battling multiple enemies

After the demonstrations, you will be able to meet with professional Angampora experts and question them on the history and techniques of this artform. They will also be happy to teach you a few basic techniques to protect yourself, enabling you to learn and experience Angampora yourself.

At approximately 11:00 am, you will be leaving the Angampora Training Centre. You will be dropped off at your hotel by 1:00 pm, completing your tour.

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